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All mature men like young girls with sexy bodies. And how can you resist, if you have just such a daughter, who so much want to fuck. Let’s take a look at how daughters seduce their fathers.

Porn comic "Circle 8"

Circle 8

When Samantha returned home her only desire was to quench her sexual tension, so the first thing she did was go to her son’s room.

Y3DF porn comic "Circle 7"

Circle 7

Dropping down on her own son’s cock in front of his stepsister, Samantha experienced unprecedented sensations and an instant orgasm.

Porn comic "Circle 4"

Circle 4

Soon as Samantha and Brian have begun to enjoy all the benefits of “family” life, as uninvited guests appear on their doorstep, in the person of Samantha’s ex-husband and Brian’s half-sister.

Porn comic "Transylvania Milf 2"

Transylvania Milf 2

Returning once from the hunt, Mavis heard strange sounds coming from one of the rooms. Looking inside the girl was stunned to see her son fucking his grandma Eunice!

Porn comic "MilfAge 3"

MilfAge 3

Accusing her son for her problems, the woman kicks him out of the cave, unaware that soon she will have to give him her sweet pussy again.

Porn comic "Holli Would"

Holli Would

Young girl Holly is preparing for a performance that can open her way to a great future if representatives of show business from Hollywood pay attention to her.

Porn comic "Elasticmilf 2"

Elasticmilf 2

Helen couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t get rid of the feeling that this Hyphen was behind her during the second sex, and decided to check her son. Going into his room, she was amazed that Hyphen was sleeping naked, but even more she was struck by a big erect cock. Suddenly, the woman loses control and starts sucking the dick of her sleeping son. And while Helen was having fun in Hyphen’s room, her daughter was already riding her daddy.

Porn comic "Daddy. Crazy Desire 2"
Porn comic "The Tan 5"

The Tan 5

In the new part we learn that Mark and Liz have long been plotting to get rid of Jenny and get married, but Mark still couldn’t decide to this. But now, when he had a plan to divorce his wife and keep the house for himself, he decided to act. Well, in the meantime, Mark rammed his tight daughter’s ass in some motel, tipsy Jenny and Katherine return home from a party, where they are welcomed by caring sons.

Porn comic "Daddy. Crazy Desire"

Daddy. Crazy Desire

Chloe is a lonely divorced woman who lives with her parents and helps her mother care for her demented father with Alzheimer’s disease. Nevertheless, despite his illness, which affected the mind of the old man, it didn’t affect the performance of his rather big cock, and on the contrary, a side effect of his medicines was the constant desire for sex, which is why he literally banged his wife. No longer able to bear it, the woman on the advice of her daughter leaves home for a few days. And it turns out that the wife left, and the old man’s thirst for sex remained, and next to only his a young sexy daughter, who has not been fucked for a very long time.