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A series of comics Lemonade tells how a young boy, enchanted by the body of his mother, constantly mixes sleeping pills into her lemonade and then fucks her. But one day she wakes up at the most inopportune moment.

Milftoon comic Lemonade 5

Lemonade 5

After the collapse of the yacht, a young millionaire in the company of two sexual companions falls on a desert island. Despite the seriousness of the situation, hot sisters are ready to do anything to fight for their own piece of inheritance.

Milftoon comic Lemonade 4

Lemonade 4

While Billy’s mother was asleep, her sisters gave her nephew some sleeping pills and straddled him right in the yard. Because of what, a fight is started between women in the course of which they learn that Billy’s father died, leaving his son a large inheritance. Passions run high and now women need to prove whose cunt is better.

Milftoon comic Lemonade 3

Lemonade 3

After the father threw his wife and his son out of the house, they went to Billy’s aunt, where his mother got drunk from grief and dressed in sexy lingerie again fucked her son.

Milftoon comic Lemonade 2

Lemonade 2

The first thing Billy saw when he woke up was his mother’s awesome tits, which barely fit into her sexy dress. Such a view drove him crazy, and he again fucked his mother, but this time, not only her pussy.

Milftoon - comic Lemonade


Fascinated by his mom’s big tits, Billy mixes sleeping pills into her lemonade and when the milf falls asleep, he starts to fuck her. But at one moment she wakes up and tries to stop her son.