Tag: Kalevra

Kalevra is one of the artists of the Y3DF studio, who created such famous porn comic series as Busted, The Fucking Dead and Abduction, which are represented in this collection.

Porn comic "Abandonment Issues 4"

Abandonment Issues 4

After a joint operation to seduce Lucas, Carla couldn’t stop thinking about his huge cock, and began to show his nephew a genuine interest.

Porn comic "Are You Kidding Me"

Are You Kidding Me

Jasmine and her husband are very devout people who believe that their family is perfect, but one day, all of Jasmine’s beliefs collapsed.

Porn comic "Strangers in a Strange Land 2"

Strangers in a Strange Land 2

For some reason, Georgia desperately needs her son’s sperm, which she is ready to get at any cost, even if she has to seduce her son.

Porn comic "Strangers in a Strange Land"

Strangers in a Strange Land

Mr. Pete brings his family to the house he bought for his eldest son and his fiancee, where mysterious events begin to occur.

Porn comic "Abandonment Issues 3"

Abandonment Issues 3

Taking advantage of the trust of his big-boobed mom, Billy finally fucking Carla, cumming right in her! From such arrogance, Carla came just furious, and chased his son to throw him beating, but ran out into the yard, they noticed the approach of the ship with a pirate flag, after which, revenge for what he had done went by the wayside…

Abandonment Issues 2

After what happened, Billy was afraid that his mom would tell his father everything and stop helping him to relieve sexual urges, but…

Abandonment Issues

A rich family went on vacation to their new home on a private island, where they subsequently got stuck, as their yacht sank.

Porn comic "To Preggo or Not to Preggo"

To Preggo or Not to Preggo

Brenda gave birth to a son and took care of him, sometimes remembering how she fucked Luke during pregnancy…

Y3DF comic "Who did it 3"

Who did it 3

No sooner had Luke to recover after sex with his mother, when suddenly Laticia with her daughter, which Luke long had his eye, to came in his room. But as it turned out, this family has its own accounts with Kelly, and after a small orgy Luke becomes their hostage! Soon after that, Laticia gathers everyone on the beach, where all the intrigues of depraved ladies and their sons are finally uncovered. Since then much in their lives will change!

Porn comic "The Fucking Dead 3"

The Fucking Dead 3

Jay stealing the car in deception, leaving his wife, son and mistress to fend for themselves. But in the evening Andy notices that their car parked in the yard. Gloria immediately went outside to tell her husband everything she thinks about him, but as it turned out there was an unfamiliar woman and her son in the car…