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A series of comics Ay Papi tells the story of a young girl Julia and her father Richard, who could not help it and fucked his daughter.

Porn comic "Ay Papi 12"

Ay Papi 12

When Richard went upstairs, Claire, who was wearing a sexy outfit, was already waiting for him in the bedroom. Putting Richard to bed, the woman pounced on his cock in a way she never did before, and even for the first time allowed to fuck her ass. But soon Richard was waiting for another surprise…

Porn comic "Ay Papi 11"

Ay Papi 11

Richard picks up Julia from school and at the same time agrees to give her friend a ride home. Along the way, Richard flirts with the girls and looking their young bodies. And as soon as he and Julia come home, he immediately shoving his thick cock into her tight ass…

Jab comic "Ay Papi 10"

Ay Papi 10

Between John and Richard started a scuffle, that will probably would have ended the fight if not for the beauty Kim. The girl calmed the men and they all returned to the cafe, where after a while Richard good humped Kim in the restroom.

Porn comic Ay Papi 9

Ay Papi 9

Kim is going to meet his former boss who wants her back. Claire continues to have fun with her little son’s nanny. Meanwhile, Julia goes to the school coach’s office and having ass-fuck.

Ay Papi 8

Ay Papi 8

A new employee of Richard’s was preparing a conference room for the meeting and noticed two cleaners outside the window. Then she decided to have a little fun and gave them an unforgettable erotic show.

Jab comic Ay Papi 7

Ay Papi 7

As soon as her husband left home, a lover immediately came to Claire. But it is unlikely that Richard would be jealous of his wife, because now he has a tight ass of a young daughter who loves when her is fucking.

Jab comic Ay Papy 6

Ay Papi 6

The next morning Julia met her daddy in the bathroom and told him that she liked last night, especially the part where he came all over her face. What happened after that?

Jab comic Ay Papi 5

Ay Papi 5

Getting ready to sleep after a busy day Julia shares her impressions and secret desires with her Teddy bear. And when she left her room to kiss her brother before going to bed, she heard unusual moans from her parents’ bedroom and decided to look there.

Jab comic Ay Papi 4

Ay Papi 4

Richard came back from work, where his young daughter’s seductive pussy was waiting for him again. Could he resist this time?

Jab comics Ay Papi 3

Ay Papi 3

Julia notices how two guys climb into tree-house where they usually look at porn magazines. Climbing up to them, Julia asks to show the magazines, but to get them, she must give something in return. Like her panties!